Ross O’Lochlainn In today's episode of "Customer Clarity", we're diving into a sexy topic: Customer Jobs. Like I mentioned recently while explaining the concept of about Pains & Gains, Jobs are the things your customers are trying to get done in their life and work. They range from problems to be solved, to needs to be satisfied, [...]

go site Recently I explained the fascinating way Netflix defines their "markets". And it seems the idea of defining a market as a collection of people sharing the same problem resonated with people. This pleases me. I love it when folks jump on board the Conversion Engineering bandwagon! Anyways, what I noticed is that a few folks [...]

will fail drug test clomid twins Shower time… Those sacred 10-15 minutes in the morning where your mind freely wanders, collecting all sorts of crazy reminders, to-dos, calendar events — and even marketing ideas! Today's email is straight from that source. Funny thing about being a copywriter… once start looking at life through a professional copywriter's lens, you see copy EVERYWHERE. [...]

What business doesn’t want an “unfair advantage”? The high-ground where you can stake your flag. The sweet spot your customers flock to, where the competition can’t go. When folks stumble on this perceived “high-ground”, the first thing they want to do is build a fence around it. Next they move to carve out a moat [...]

Ever heard of the company “Masterclass”? They produce amazing high quality courses. Their USP: Get the best in the world to teach a class on their craft. Serena Williams teaches tennis. Usher teaches performance. James Patterson teaches writing. Dustin Hoffman teaches acting. And this weekend they gave me early access to Kevin Spacey’s Masterclass on [...]

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