How “The 9-Word Email” Changed My Entire Career

That’s me (Ross) on the left, hanging with Dean Jackson in Winter Haven, FL

Are you an entrepreneur wanting to make more sales? Do you collect people’s email addresses when you generate leads?

If you ARE collecting email addresses… then you’ll probably admit that you could do a better job following up with them.

The good news?

If you DO have the email addresses for a list of leads, then there’s a TON of money… waiting for you to collect it.

I can tell you that from experience because for the longest time I had no clue what GOOD email follow-up actually looked like.

In fact… back in 2012, I knew NOTHING about email marketing.

At the time, I worked for a small environmental software company.

This was a company without a proper marketing team where I (an environmental engineer who could write pretty well) became “the marketing guy.”

I learned pretty fast that email marketing was a big part of the online business game.

I just had no idea how to do it WELL.

I followed a bunch of advice from marketing companies like Hubspot, MailChimp, CopyBlogger… among other email marketing sites.

I tried all of the email marketing “best practices”… but, sadly, hardly any of it made the cash register ring.

Which was very frustrating…

The compliance company I was working for was getting about 1,000 email leads a month… but hardly any sales from our follow up.

That’s when my cousin introduced me to Dean Jackson.

“Check out his podcast, I Love Marketing.”

Dean Jackson on stage with his co-host of the I Love Marketing Podcast, Joe Polish (right).

I instantly loved Dean’s style and philosophy about marketing.

I jumped on his email list… and was instantly blown away by the way he used email.

It felt so real. So PERSONAL.

Everyone else talked about how being personal in your email was important… but with Dean’s approach, you could FEEL it.

That’s when I told myself, “This is on a whole different level. I have to learn how to do this.” 

I’d learned about his 9-word email strategy and decided to give it a go with our list.

And the results blew me away!

I can still remember the sales director for the company coming to my office, asking me:

“Hey, this email stuff is working really well. How are we getting these results?”

So later, in 2014, when Dean first opened his Email Mastery program, I convinced my boss to let me join… and with the results I’d been getting, she was happy to foot the bill.

As I’ll explain on this page, joining Email Mastery has turned out to EASILY be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Using Dean’s teachings, I helped that software company sell an extra USD $1 million worth of software over a 2 year period… using the leads we were already getting.

(A huge deal for the company at the time!)

In 2015, I left that environmental software company to become a full-time marketing consultant.

During that transition, Dean’s program helped my career tremendously as I applied what I learned to get results for all of the clients I worked with.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve used Dean’s email marketing strategies to collectively earn myself and my clients millions of dollars.

FUN FACT: I’ve signed up for the program 3 different times over the years while working with different companies!

All that’s to say… I’ve had a lot of personal success with what Dean teaches inside of his Email Mastery Program.

So I wanted to write this review to give you the good, the bad, and the ugly because I’m in a pretty unique position to do so.


Well because I joined Dean’s program when it first opened… and I’ve spent the past 6 years (at the time of writing this article) implementing and experimenting with everything Dean teaches.

So, let’s get stuck into it!

On this page I’ll share:

  1. The top 3 reasons I joined Email Mastery
  2. Details about the results I’ve achieved with his program
  3. How the program works
  4. The SINGLE BEST part of the program
  5. The one BIG problem with the program

Let’s start with the top 3 reasons I joined Email Mastery…

Top 3 reasons I joined Email Mastery

1) Dean’s Conversational Conversion Method

You’ve probably heard of “The 9-Word Email.”

In the world of email marketing, it’s almost as famous as Dean!

The 9-word email is a simple email you send to “reactivate dead leads.”

The idea is simple. You take your list of existing leads and you send them a simple email, using nothing but a question:

“Brian… are you still looking to buy a house?”

(Assuming you’re a real estate agent selling houses.)

It works like magic!

What people don’t know is that the 9-word email is just one small part of Dean’s “Conversational Conversion” Process, which is core to the entire Email Mastery Program.

With his process, Dean teaches you to think about email marketing in a completely different way to most other email marketers. 

Rather than seeing email as a tool to “blast” your list with “one-way” email messages, Dean shows you how to use email marketing to engage your most qualified leads in personal sales conversations.

And the results you can get from his approach are AMAZING.

This one part of the program has changed the entire way I think about marketing and it’s helped me earn millions of dollars for my clients.

It works so well that there are now tons of “knock-off artists” in the marketing space, all offering to teach you to “sell with messenger” and “sell with conversations.”

They’re all cheap knock-offs of Dean’s.

He’s the Original Gangster and the material he teaches inside Email Mastery gives you his entire system.

2) Dean’s style of teaching and philosophy about marketing

The second reason I signed up is Dean’s philosophy about marketing. 

The way Dean thinks about marketing (and the way he teaches YOU to think about marketing) is entirely different from most other marketing experts.

It’s honest.
It’s simple.
It’s easy to do.
And it gets results. 

He doesn’t ask you to do anything dodgy or shady. 

Most other email marketing programs are full of manipulative email “tricks” and “hacks” to get the reader to open and click your emails.

Dean doesn’t get into any of that nonsense.

Email Mastery is all about helping you become the best thing in someone’s email inbox so they want to read your emails… and he does that by showing you how to email like a real person.

That sort of philosophy really aligned with how I wanted to market, so it was a big contributor to me wanting to join Dean’s program.

3) Dean works with you directly on your email campaigns 

I’ll speak more about this later, but the third BIG reasons I joined was this:

When you join the program you actually get to talk and collaborate with Dean on your email campaigns.

This part alone is an absolute Game Changer!

How The Program Works

Once you join the program, you get instant access to the member’s area.

This is an online portal where you access the material.

You also get access to:

The cover of Email Mastery Field Report #5

  1. The Member’s community (a Facebook Group.)
  2. The Live Group Calls (2x per month)
  3. The library of previous coaching calls with other members
  4. The Email Mastery “Field Reports” (awesome summaries of the best advice Dean gives to people on calls, that are easy to consume and implement)

The main thrust of the program is consuming the content and then getting on the calls with Dean to work through your email strategy.

Here’s some of the email marketing that Dean will work with you to create:

  1. You’ll start with Reactivation Campaigns for the leads that you already have on your email list. The 9-Word Email is about re-engaging those leads and getting some quick sales in the door! There are some other cool campaigns that work with the leads you already have.
  2. Next, you’ll design and implement your Conversational Conversion process to engage with any new leads that come into your world. Dean will help you focus on the first 10 days of them opting in.
  3. After that, you’ll get stuck into the science of Lead Conversion… and Dean will help you work out the “conversion math” for your situation. This is something that Dean has some amazing stats on, and this alone will be a big breakthrough for you.
  4. One of the coolest things you’ll do is develop your own “Super-Signature”… complete with offers to ramp up the number of new conversations you can start every time you send an email to your list. 
  5. One of the most overlooked opportunities for Email Mastery is in the “During Unit”. That’s the part of your business where you’re delivering your service or product. Dean has some cool stuff that you can use to that will show you some hidden ways to leverage this experience.
  6. Last (but not LEAST!), Dean is a MASTER at getting email opt-ins… and Dean has some awesome ways to help you create the ultimate lead magnet for your business. He’s got some great ideas on how you can maximize your opt-in rates that have changed the way I think about lead generation.

In my experience, ONE of those is usually a big needle mover for a business.

And the coolest part is that Dean is happy to work with you on all of them over the course of your membership in the program.

The program works on a “lifetime membership” model.

Meaning you pay the fee to join, and then you get continuous access the Email Mastery members’ area, the private Facebook Group and the Live member coaching calls.

There are no extra costs… or annual upgrades.

Once you’re in, you’re in.

(If you’re wondering why I joined the program 3 times, the first 2x times I joined the fee was covered by a company I was working for so I didn’t technically own it.)

Some of The Results I’ve Gotten

In the past 5 years, I’ve helped sell over $15 million worth of online courses and education programs.

It’s always hard to attribute results in marketing to anyone one tactic or strategy, but I can confidently say that at least 25% of those sales (~$3.5million) came straight from Dean’s campaign playbook.

Me (right) on stage at Kevin Rogers’ (left) event, Copy Chief Live. I presented a case study of how Max Hamm (2nd from right) and I used Dean’s methods to fill one of Kevin’s coaching programs in 14 days.

Whenever I work with a new client, one of the first things I get them to do is implement the fundamentals from Dean’s program.

This usually leads to cash appearing within a few days, creating a big win for them and making me look like a marketing genius.

Hanging with one of my clients, Mike Monday, in Syndey, Australia. I helped Mike use Dean’s email marketing system to double the size of his music education business, Make Music Your Life.

In late 2019, I started my own coaching program, Open Every Day, where I help education-based entrepreneurs move away from the launch model.

The first thing I did was use Dean’s system to fill up the “case study group” that I used to pilot-test the idea.

Hanging in Colorado with Ben (right) and Kelly (center) from, who I helped grow by 50% in 12 months using email marketing.

The BEST Part About Email Mastery

If there’s one part of the Email Mastery program that’s underrated and under-appreciated by most people, it’s the live coaching calls where you talk directly with Dean and collaborate with him on your email campaigns

With a lot of programs out there the creators promise you “access” to them and group coaching. Only it usually turns out that the “access” is a Facebook group where they don’t show up or answer your questions… and the group call is so full that you never get a chance to ask a question.

It’s not like that inside Email Mastery.

The Facebook group is pretty active and it’s got some real heavy hitters in there, but it’s not a hotbed of engagement.

Where the program really shines is the live member coaching calls. 

They happen twice a month and you get to talk directly with Dean, where he personally collaborates with you on whatever email marketing you’re working on.

Dean stays on the line to answer every single question. Occasionally he has to dash off early (meaning he’ll cap the call at around 2 hours), but the vast majority of the time he stays until everyone’s had their question answered… sometimes staying as long as 3 hours!

The value you get from these calls is incredible when you consider that your membership in Email Mastery doesn’t end.

You don’t lose access after 6-8 weeks like most programs. You can come back and talk to Dean month after month.

By comparison, if you wanted to consult with Dean it costs thousands of dollars. 

I know this because I’ve personally paid Dean $5,000 to attend one of his Breakthrough Blueprint events… and $15,000 for a full-day consulting card.

With Email Mastery, you can talk to Dean twice a month about your email marketing without having to pay those fees.

Insane, when you think about it!

But There’s ONE Major Problem

No program is perfect.

A big part of Dean’s genius is keeping things simple. And he’s the first to admit that technology isn’t his strong suit. 

He doesn’t like to get too technical… and that’s awesome because it means you can implement his entire program without needing to be a tech genius.

Still, there’s one HUGE part of email marketing that Dean doesn’t cover.

Email autoresponders, and email automation.

The program doesn’t give you any solid game plan for this part of the email marketing puzzle. There’s no clearly defined series of emails that you should send to your new leads automatically.

So, I went ahead and created one for you!

Over the last 6+ years of implementing Dean’s method, I’ve designed a campaign that works perfectly with Dean’s Email Mastery program.

This campaign is designed to work with any business and it’s easy to implement without needing to be a tech genius. You just need to know how to set up some simple timing conditions in your autoresponder (i.e. when to send each email).

I tell you what “types” of emails to send and I also give you the “ideal” timing for each email.

Set this campaign up and every new lead you generate will automatically be nurtured for 6 months… even if you don’t send any regular emails. 

And the campaign has Dean’s awesome Conversational Conversion methods “baked in”… so you can expect to have a consistent stream of conversations with hot qualified leads coming into your inbox.

Want me to send you a copy?

If you want a copy of the autoresponder campaign I mentioned, watch this quick video for instructions on how to get a copy.

Quick breakdown:

To receive a copy of the email autoresponder campaign (plus a handful of other special bonuses I’ve prepared), join Dean’s Email Mastery Program through my partner link, then forward your invoice to ross (at) conversionengineering (dot) co

Obviously, chances are high that you’re not ready to Dean’s program right this instant, so here’s the best way to “lock-in” these special bonuses, so you don’t miss out…

  1. Click the button below to open a small opt-in form
  2. Fill out your name and email address (NOTE: You will NOT be added to a newsletter)
  3. This form will be used to unlock “early access” to the education center where you’ll access your bonuses.
  4. I’ll send you instructions (and a handful of reminders over the coming months) about how to join Email Mastery through my partner link and claim your bonuses
  5. Once you join Email Mastery through my partner link, you forward your invoice, and the bonuses will all be unlocked for you

Should You Join The Program?

If you’ve read this far, then you’re probably considering joining Email Mastery.

If that’s the case, here’s a quick checklist to see if you’re a good fit.

Do any TWO of these apply to you?

  • You’ve got an email list of 500 people or more.
  • You’d like to have an email list of 500 people or more.
  • You’re currently adding opt-ins to your list.
  • You’d like to be currently adding (more) opt-ins to your list.

…AND you would like to offer any one of these products or services:

  • Physical products.
  • Digital products.
  • Personal service performed locally or virtually.
  • Mastermind group.
  • Coaching or consulting.
  • Live or virtual events, summits or seminars.
  • Online training program.
  • Membership community.
  • Subscription service or SAAS.

If you meet those two requirements… and you’re friendly and coachable… then you’d be a GREAT fit to work with Dean in his program.

He’ll help you strategize and wordsmith your entire email playbook.

Dean’s been working closely with his Case Study groups for the last 4 years now, and he’s got an amazing collection of “ready to send” email models.

He’s great at helping you apply those models to your business very quickly.

Hanging with Dean at an event in Sydney, Australia

In fact, one of the coolest things to see is when he does this LIVE!

Dean helps attendees create and send a live email offer while they’re sitting in the event.

He even did this with me and it was an incredible rush watching the replies come in right away.

Dean regularly helps people fill a mastermind group or live event offer with this strategy and it’s never boring to watch it happen.

So, if you think you want to join Dean’s Email Mastery program…

Make sure you don’t miss out on the special bonuses I mentioned here…

To receive them, join Dean’s Email Mastery Program through my partner link, then forward your receive to ross (at) conversionengineering (dot) co

If you’re not ready to join Dean’s program right this instant, here’s the best way to “lock-in” these special bonuses, so you don’t miss out…

  1. Click the button below to open a small opt-in form
  2. Fill out your name and email address (NOTE: You will NOT be added to a newsletter)
  3. This form will be used to unlock “early access” to the education center where you’ll access your bonuses.
  4. I’ll send you instructions (and a handful of reminders over the coming months) about how to join Email Mastery through my partner link and claim your bonuses
  5. AFter you’ve joined Email Mastery through my partner link, forward me a copy of your invoice, and I’ll unlock the bonuses for you.