Internet Marketing Douche Bags (IMDBs) and “Whiz-Bang” Conversion Experts want you to believe that your marketing needs to be complicated and technical to succeed… “The Conversion Engineer” is here to tell “that ain’t so!”

Let me show the simple systems you can install in your business to deliver…


All without the need for high-pressure, manipulative “launch campaigns”… or complicated “multi-branch” evergreen funnels


Dear Friend,

Ross O’Lochlainn – helps education-based businesses transition away from the Launch Model

If you sell any sort of online education, like an info product, course, membership site, or coaching program…

…and if you’re sick and tired of running high pressure, complicated launch campaigns just to keep the lights on… then you’ll want to read this page.

What I want to share with you is the simple system I’ve developed to bring a steady stream of new students right to your front door… all without having to rely on high-pressure launch campaigns or complicated, multi-branch “evergreen” funnels.

If you haven’t heard of me before, my name is Ross O’Lochlainn.

I’m a two-time “recovering engineer”, who’s spent the last 10 years as a marketing consultant and copywriter.

Since 2015, I’ve sold over $15 million worth of online education across a number of industries, including bookkeeping, business education, copywriting, membership sites, music production, and more.

About half of those sales have come from launch campaigns. Campaigns that were as small as $10,000… and as big as $1,500,000.

And in the past 3 years, I’ve arrived at one big conclusion…

Launches are a GREAT way to make money… but they’re a HORRIBLE way to run your business

Look, if you’re here, you’ve probably burned yourself out during a launch.

It’s THE story of the online marketing world.

In fact, launches are clearly BAD for your health…

Check out this comment from an experienced “launcher”…

I dunno about you… but if my marketing strategy makes me PHYSICALLY SICK…

…that’s probably a sign I need to make a change.

When you’re “inside” the launch game, it’s a badge of honor to “suck it up” and “embrace the grind.”

Once you’re on the “outside”, you start to realize the truth…

Stress-filled Launches Literally Take YEARS Off Your Life!

Especially when you launch your campaigns following the “typical” advice from online marketing experts!

The only possible outcome from the “traditional” launch model is overwhelm, burnout, and exhaustion.

And if you’re like my clients, you may be uncomfortable with how launches MAKE you sell.

Maybe it doesn’t feel RIGHT to you.

High pressure.
Fake scarcity.
Faux urgency.


That’s why, back in late 2016, I decided that launches were “not for me.”

At the time I was working on the biggest launch of my career…

And to make it even more interesting… it was right before…

The World of Marketing FACEPLANTED Into
“The Launch Crash of 2016”

I still remember the first whispers circulating about the impending “The Launch Crash.”

Throughout 2016, there was chatter that some people’s launches were underperforming.

As the year progressed, the reports started to get worse.

Launches were gradually moving from “disappointing” to “disastrous.”

At the time, I was head down copy chiefing over 800 pages of copy (that’s not a typo).

The company I was working for was planning on earning ALL the revenue we needed for the next 12 months from that ONE campaign.

And I’ll tell you something for nothing…

It’s FRIGHTENING to hear that everyone’s eating their hat while YOU are working on the ONE campaign that will change the fortunes of your company.

It was a weird sensation, like being trapped in a slow-motion car crash.

Still, we had no choice but to plow ahead.

With any luck…. the car would land “right side up”…

…and – fingers crossed – it wouldn’t be on fire.

Unfortunately, as we feared, once the dust settled, our results were a disaster.

The company was in real danger of flying off the edge of the cliff.

We needed revenue… and fast.

To make matters worse, we’d finished our campaign with the typical, launch style closing

“The doors are closing and we don’t know when they’ll be open again!”

We hadn’t planned on the launch going poorly (no ever does)…

So… with the desperate need to get more revenue… we had to GO BACK to the same audience and RE-LAUNCH the same product a few months later.

“Heey…. you know that product we said was closed… and that we didn’t know when we’d be selling it again? Well it’s open again! Wanna buy now?”

Not a good look.

We all knew we were damaging our reputation… and that it would leave a mark on the relationship we had with our audience…

…but our options weren’t good.

To our prospects, it made us look like, “just another Internet Marketing Companies… pulling the same ol’ manipulative tricks.”

(In reality, we weren’t, but it’s hard to argue with perceptions.)

For some marketers, damaging the relationship with your audience in pursuit of more money is just “a cost of doing business.”

I, personally, wasn’t comfortable with it.

What’s more, I was burned out, bummed out, and… almost defeated.

That’s when I started to look around at all the businesses I’d been working with.

I couldn’t help but notice that everyone seemed to be marketing the same way.

Not because it was the BEST way to do things, but because it was how EVERYONE ELSE was marketing.

It felt like the online world of business was a giant game of copy/paste… with people just using whatever strategies OTHER people in the internet marketing industry were using.

My conclusion?

“This is stupid… there has to be a better way…”

So, I put my engineering brain to work… and I started to pull the “launch problem” apart.

That’s when I realized that launches come with 3 BIG problems that I call “The Launch Traps”…

Launch Trap #1 –
Launches are stressful, complex, risky campaigns… that can BLOW UP in your face at the drop of a hat

My experience with The Launch Crash of 2016 taught me that more than anything, it’s a risky proposition to expect the results from any single campaign to come through.

When it comes to campaign performance, there are just too many factors at play.

Why something “works” doesn’t come down to any one thing.

Still, one of the biggest factors that DOES impact the outcome for a launch… that no one can plan for… is “timing.”

The big launch campaign I just talked about landed smack in the middle of “The Launch Crash of 2016″… and there was no way we could have seen it coming.

The problem goes further than just timing though…

The extreme workload from launches means that it’s EASY for you and your team to burn out… FAST.

More mistakes.
More problems.
And more chances for everything to blow up in your face.

I’ve seen companies lose as much as $1mil in sales… all because of a simple technical mistake that slipped through the cracks!

That’s what happens when everyone is “pushing things in the red” for too long.

And if you think that won’t happen to you…

Consider this:

Nearly every business that runs launch campaigns falls into a similar pattern.

A launch campaign works… so the next launch is bigger and more complicated.

The goal is to always beat the result from the last promotion… because that means “you’re growing!”

This leads to more technology, more emails, more pages, and more team members.

And, for some crazy reason, some businesses think that launches are a great time to “figure out” new strategies and new technologies.

Workloads spike, mistakes happen… and it’s easy for the performance of entire campaign to fall through the floor with a handful of minor technical glitches.

And if ONE campaign doesn’t go well… but you finished things up by saying

“We’re closing the cart because we don’t know when we’re going to sell it again!”

…that means you’ve painted yourself into a corner.

Because if you DO need the revenue… and you DO need to start selling again… you’ve essentially lied to your audience just to make some extra sales with fake scarcity.

Which brings us to…

Launch Trap #2 –
In the long run, launches end up hurting you, your reputation, and your relationship with your audience…

Most people get into online business as a newbie.

And that’s because the world of online business and marketing is a relatively new business space.

Lots of people are still trying to “figure it all out.”

When you first get into this world, you obviously need to “launch” your business… and a launch campaign is a great way to do that.

Thing is, once you’ve launched, no one tells you what to do next.

So what do you do?

Well, if you look around the industry, it looks like everyone else is continuing to “launch”… so you keep launching too!

From your prospect’s perspective though, their inbox is just overloaded with…

“Last chance!” after “Last chance!” after “LAST CHANCE!”

Thing is…

If YOU don’t have any other way to sell apart from launching, it makes you look desperate and needy.

And, the reality is for most of your audience, NOW isn’t the time for them to buy…

…so they don’t want to hear your giant 2-week long sales pitch.

And every time you send one… you’re teaching people to TUNE you out.


Launch Trap #3 –
“The Launch Revenue Rollercoaster” always comes off the rails (eventually)

No matter what business you’re in, the launch model eventually leads to revenue problems… and tons of financial stress.

And it boils down to two big issues.

First is “The Dependency Problem”

The pattern goes like this:

You launch a new product, wondering how it will go…

With any luck… it goes great and you earn a ton of money that you weren’t expecting!

You love the outcome, so you do it again.

Bigger, better, faster, stronger!

And the next one goes great too!

So you go again!

And before you know it, you’ve fallen into what I call “the launch cycle”… where you continuously run your launch to bring in the revenue you can.

And THAT is when you make a critical mistake.

You start to EXPECT that revenue on showing up.

All of a sudden, this giant spike of “bonus cash” is now something your business is dependent on.

And as the complexity of the campaigns increases, the chances of something going wrong increases with it.

Eventually, something DOES go wrong.

Either the campaigns become too complex and don’t get executed correctly… or something happens outside your control right in the middle of your promo period…

…like your market shifting… or a worldwide event sends the world into a tailspin

Suddenly, the sales you were expecting don’t appear… you’re left wondering:


Next up… you’re cutting costs, letting team members go… and ALL the fun gets sucked right out of your business.

Worse yet, you’re now faced with the second revenue issue,

“The Quiet Period.”

Right after you launch, you stop promoting and you stop selling.

You “closed the program”… so, naturally, people stop buying.

You’re not left with MONTHS without any sort of income.

And therein lies the problem… if the only way you can sell your program is with the FAKE scarcity and urgency of “closing the doors”…

…you don’t have any way to manufacture more of it… because your doors are already closed…

That means you’re now up the creek without a paddle… and no consistent revenue coming in… and no other way to sell.

Once I discovered these problems, I started to see them in nearly every launch based business I worked with.

It felt like I had to figure out a better way… because I wasn’t going to live “the launch lifestyle” for the rest of my career.

So, I started talking to my clients and I asked them…

“What is it that you actually want from your marketing?

They all said practically the same thing.

“I just want to get to a point where I’m getting ONE NEW SALE A DAY…”

This answer really surprised me…

It makes total sense that they wanted consistency in their business (what business owner doesn’t?…

But how could they bring in a new student every day if their “cart was closed” for most of the year?

So I started pulling things apart and piecing them together…

I started studying different marketing models, and people’s buying behaviors.

I also took a step back and studied how OTHER businesses and marketers I respect tackled their marketing.

“Deadly one-two punch of scary good copywriting & hyper-smart marketing instinct”

“Ross O’Lochlainn possesses the deadly one-two punch of scary good copywriting and hyper-smart marketing instinct. His contributions, both behind and in front of the scene, have been a major factor behind Copy Chief’s success.”

Kevin Rogers, Founder of Copy Chief

“You are clearly a Jedi”

“I’ve downloaded your product… and recommend readers do so. I shy away from people calling themselves experts but in this case I feel valid claiming that status… This is a quality complete read even for those who think they are a bit of a know-it-all, which is me pointing in the mirror a bit. Well worth the time, the read, and thank you for being so willing and open with your work. You are clearly a Jedi.”

Ron Lynch, the Marketing genius behind the Go-Pro

And that’s when I discovered something that I wasn’t expecting to find…


That’s not something you’ll hear in the marketing world… and it’s not something you’ll hear from any business that makes money teaching you how to launch!

Still, let’s unpack exactly what I mean…

Most launch strategies work like this.

  1. You get your prospects on a “launch mailing list”
  2. You mail them intensely for 2 weeks
  3. Then you make an offer
  4. Give them a deadline
  5. And you “Close” the offer with a manufactured urgency and scarcity… while telling people it’s their “last chance!” to buy

The whole thing is done within 2-3 weeks… and you see a big spike in revenue.

The expectation and understanding of most “launch based businesses” is that if anyone wanted their product… they would have bought it during the launch!


Well, because the launch campaign is so intense and they send so many emails… SURELY everyone heard about it, right??

That didn’t seem right to me… I mean… how many “the doors are closing” emails do you only see AFTER the launch has finished.

I know I’m regularly frustrated when the first time I see an offer is after they closed the cart!

That was my first clue that plenty of people are ready to buy “outside” the launch period.

So I started looking at a bunch of different datasets… trying to understand how and when my client’s customers purchased… and I noticed something INTERESTING…

One of the numbers I calculated was the “Time to Conversion” for my client’s customers…

Time to Conversion is the time between when someone “becomes a lead” and when they “make a purchase.”

That’s when I noticed that the average Time to Conversion for one of my client’s customers was over 5 months…

Meaning the AVERAGE customer was on their list for 5 months before they purchased!

This data shows the opt-in date, the purchase date and the time to conversion for a client’s enrollment of over 250 students

That’s WAY longer than the length of a launch…

So I looked at another clients’ data and I saw something similar.

And for a third client, the average Time to Conversion was as high as 18 months!

That’s when I realized…

Most people don’t buy NOW… they buy LATER!

This is something I’d learned from a mentor of mine, Dean Jackson…

Hanging with Dean Jackson: master marketer, OG of the direct response game and host of “The I Love Marketing” Podcast

But once I saw it in my client’s data… clear as day… it hit me like a ton of bricks.

So, the next question I asked was…

“Why are most people buying later?”

The simple answer?

Because they weren’t “ready to buy” during the launch!

That’s when I realized there are actually 3 different types of prospects.

  1. New prospects… people who just heard of you and discovered your world.
  2. Existing prospects who are ready now… the people in your audience who are ready to take action in the next 30 days…
  3. Existing prospects who will be ready later… the people in your audience who will be ready at some point in the near future

And when I took a step back, I could see…

Most launches and “funnels” treat everyone the same… and they miss out on all of the “ready later” prospects!

That’s when I had an epiphany.

What if there was a marketing system that could deliver a steady stream of new students for my clients… by selling to their prospects when the prospect was ready to buy?

Without relying on launches… and without building massive, complicated funnels.

What if there was a way to set up your online education business where you didn’t have to “close your cart” just to make people buy?

And what if there was a way to run your business where you were “open for business” all year round?

So, I did two things:

First, I wrote a book, called Open Every Day

If you’re here on this page, you’ve probably heard of my book. You may have even read it.

The “beta” version of my book outlined the system I designed to sell to the 3 different types of prospects.

It got some great feedback and I instantly got multiple clients asking to work with me.

That’s when I did something really DAFT!

(Or at least, a bunch of marketers told me I was daft.)

In 2017…

I Decided To Work With Clients 100% BASED ON RESULTS… with ZERO Money Up-Front!

For 3 years, I worked with a handful of clients on a “results-only” basis.. with zero money up-front.

And, behind the scenes, I started to experiment…

I tried all sorts of different marketing strategies and campaigns… all with the goal of delivering a consistent stream of new students (and revenue) for my clients.

Only, all of this was happening with a giant caveat.

I wouldn’t get paid if my marketing didn’t deliver.

Let me tell you something for nothing…

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you only get to eat if your marketing campaigns work, you get VERY selective about the types of campaigns you run.

The pressure was on… and I had to deliver.

The result?

My client’s revenues grew anywhere from 50-100%

Results from one of my clients over an 18 month period. They saw an increase in revenue per new subscriber of 227%… while their overall revenue increased by 50% (that means they got fewer leads… and they still made more money)

So, how exactly did I do it?

Well, the big “ah-ha” for me was when I discovered…

If you want CONSISTENT results in your marketing you MUST focus on 3 KEY AREAS

Yes, just 3 areas.

And if you execute well on these 3 areas, it’s the solution to every marketing problem you could ever imagine.


Because these are “the fundamentals” — the small part of the marketing process that’s responsible for 80% of the results.

Pro tip from my time in the
“Paid On Results” Crucible

Amateurs and intermediate marketers focus on the hottest hacks and tactics.

Master marketers focus on time-tested fundamentals.

But… and this is a CRITICAL distinction to make…

You have to apply these fundamentals in a very specific way.

Since making this discovery, I’ve refined everything I’ve learned into a simple system.

A system that helps my clients attract a consistent stream of new students and members into their online courses and programs.

This is the exact same system that I bet my ENTIRE LIVELIHOOD on during 2017-2019.

And it paid out… big time!

And right now, I’m inviting you to come and implement this system in your online education business.

That’s why I’ve put together a special Open Every Day Implementation Program.

And what’s more, I’m inviting you to come and become one of my Case Studies.

The Open Every Day Implementation Program

Here’s what we’re doing inside the case study group…

I’ll be working with a handful of new people over the next few months to create successful case studies of them transitioning away from the launch model.

So I’d like to work with you over the next few months to make your business Open Every Day.

The outcome is simple: move away from the launch model and start attracting a steady stream of new students into your courses and programs.

I’m aiming to get you to around $10-15k/month (depending on what you already have in place), and we’ll give you everything you need to make that happen… without any of the typical high-pressure, fake scarcity strategies.

To do that, we’ll solve the 3 biggest problems that stop coaches, educators, and course creators from selling consistently all year round without the launch model:

  1. Having a “launch-based” offer
  2. Inconsistent and incongruent sales
  3. Poor lead flow

First, we have to move away from having a launch-based offer.

The biggest issue most folks have is they “launch” their program and their offer doesn’t work without the launch model. It’s tough to sell… and people that are interested outside of the launch window can’t get started. To fix this…

  1. We’ll start by selecting a Focused Target Market. Picking the right target is a huge lever… and there are a handful of critical errors to avoid. We’ll make sure you’re focused on the best market where you can add the most value.
  2. Next, we’ll dial up the appeal of your program by making sure you’ve got a Clear and Compelling Offer. Great messaging and USPs are about creating offers the prospect is LOOKING for… and we’ll make sure you’re hearing “this is exactly what I need!”
  3. Then we’ll work on structuring your offer so you can enroll people all year round. There are a handful of models that work great and we’ll find the right one for you.

The result? You’ll have an offer and program people are excited to join, that you can enroll people into all year around, without having to use fake scarcity and urgency to sell… or burning yourself out with a ridiculous workload of work.

The second problem we’ll solve is sales being inconsistent… and incongruent with who you are.

It’s hard to convert people into your programs consistently when you don’t have a method that works… or feels right. So I’ll walk you through a simple process to find the people in your audience who are ready to buy now, while building trust and nurturing the relationship with the rest of your audience (i.e. the people that’ll be ready later.)

  1. First up, we’ll want a system to find the people who are ready to get started right away. We call these folks 5-Star Prospects… and finding them in your audience is one of the big levers for consistent sales.
  2. Next, we’ll install a simple system that builds trust and nurtures the relationship you have with people who aren’t ready to get started now… but who WILL be ready later.
  3. Finally, you’ll want to enroll people consistently into your programs, all year round, without overwhelming yourself with work. I’ll show you a handful of ways that get people to join when the time is right for them.

With these systems in place, you’ll consistently get people into your program month after month, while building an amazing relationship with your audience over time.

The third big problem is poor lead flow.

If you’re trying to make your business Open Every Day, you’ll have to bring new people into your world “on the regular.” The problem with most lead gen strategies is that they attract the wrong type of people for your business. Or you’re forced to use a strategy that doesn’t fit your style.

To fix this…

  1. We’ll design your lead magnets so they attract people who “Right Fit Prospects” for your business.
  2. Then we’ll design a lead gen system that brings those people into your world in a way that makes them ENGAGED & EXCITED to get your help.
  3. Last, we’ll set up the systems that allow all of this to happen in a way that’s AUTOMATIC AND INBOUND… so you don’t have to spend hours doing manual lead gen work.

This is how we’ll get you a steady stream of high-quality leads coming into your business, people who are engaged and interested in what you’ve got to offer.

The end result is that your business will be Open Every Day. So your conversions will go up, with less work… and you’ll feel confident knowing that you’re selling in a way that fits with you and your business.

As part of the group, I’ll be working with you over the next few months to turn your business into a successful case study… so I’ll want to make sure you can implement, test and report back on the results.

I’m ready to get started right away… and I’m inviting you to join the group.

Here’s how everything will work…

Once you join, you’ll get access to the Open Every Day Implementation Center straight away. This is the resource library where you can access the strategies we’ll be working through.

We’ll meet on calls 2x a month to work through whatever the most relevant strategy is for you. Whether that’s brainstorming your messaging and offers, building out your conversion systems and marketing campaigns… or nailing down your traffic strategy.

You’ll have access to these on-going calls (and the program) for as long as Open Every Day is offered. No time limit. Once you’re in, you’re in.

There’s also an Open Every Day community that you’ll become a founding member of. This is where you can get your questions answered between the calls.

I really want to create some great case stories… so I’ll be spending lots of one-on-one time with you during the coaching calls to make sure we maximize your results.

The more you implement, the more traction we’ll get together. So I want to be sure you have 3-5 hours/week to dedicate this over the next few months.

The total cost is $2000 (or 4x $500). And I just need to know if you want me to save your spot right now.

With an email list and an offer, I expect the first campaign will multiply your investment.

Here’s what people are saying….

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