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Ever heard of the company “Masterclass”? They produce amazing high quality courses. Their USP: Get the best in the world to teach a class on their craft. Serena Williams teaches tennis. Usher teaches performance. James Patterson teaches writing. Dustin Hoffman teaches acting. And this weekend they gave me early access to Kevin Spacey’s Masterclass on [...]

Today’s Q&A Saturday is a special one. Because it’s a two-for! We’re gonna look at of the biggest problems people face when working on their USP I get to share one of the best lessons I ever learned from legendary copywriter, Gary Bencivenga Let’s dive in! Jonathan Riviera asks: ===================================== I’m looking for some help [...]

Talk radio in Montreal is blowing up my kitchen speakers these days. The hot topic lighting up the local airwaves is Bombardier — a local aerospace giant. They’ve got the government strapped over a barrel for a $1 billion bail out. The money is needed to help salvage a botched airplane project, which, commentators say, [...]

So, I watched the latest Marvel movie: Deadpool. For those of you who don’t know Deadpool, he’s Marvel’s greatest (and funniest) anti-hero.  He’s known as “The Merc with a mouth”. And it’s his mouth (in part) that’s responsible for his first movie breaking all sorts of box office records in the past week. (Just when everyone [...]

At the end of 2015 I spent 3 weeks at home in Ireland for Christmas. ‘Twas my first time home for Christmas in 5 years. That’s a looooong bloody time. So long, I almost forgot how good the Guinness tastes back home. (Almost.) It’s pretty well known around the world that we Irish like our drink. And [...]

(This article was originally a guest post for Copy Chief.) You may have seen the mean looking lady at the top of this article on TV before. Or maybe on YouTube. She’s the lady who’s always in those cage fights, crushing some other girl in a “no-holds barred” blood contest. She normally ends up winning, brutalizing her opponent in a matter [...]

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