Using Long-Tail Conversions

All Without Changing Your Offer, Your Funnel — Or Even Your Ads


What they are and how they amplify sales

Long-tail Conversion

1. A conversion that happens outside of the 90-day window of a new lead being generated — making up 85% of total sales in any audience

“How many long-tail conversions did you get during your enrollment?”

On this page I’m going to explain how you can radically transform the number of students you enroll into your education business — by as much as 5X — through the power of long-tail conversions.

So, if you’re interested in growing your education business in a sustainable and fun way without:

  • Hammering your audience with endless, needy emails just to get them to buy now
  • Manipulating people using fake scarcity and urgency
  • Building overly complicated evergreen funnels
  • Burning yourself out with an endless stream of exhausting launches

— read on.

I get that what I’m saying may sound radical — but stick with me because it will all make sense shortly. To begin, let me ask you: have you ever seen the data that explains when people convert — plotted out on a timeline?

It looks a little something like the image below. A high concentration of sales in the initial 30-90 days and then a lower concentration over time.

In mathematics, this is what’s known as Power Law Distribution. You might also know it as the 80/20 principle.

The sales are distributed in two areas: the Short-head (area in gray) and the Long-tail (area in gold).

While the grey area (short-head) has a larger spike (i.e. more sales in a short timeframe), the golden area (long-tail) has a much larger “area.” That means it contains more sales across time. And not just a small bit more, but a lot more.

More than that, the longer the stretch of time you consider, the larger the area gets because the golden area continues to expand forever. This is where the long-tail dominates.

That’s how Power Laws work. They explain that the greatest concentration is found in the short-head, but the largest quantity of anything is found in the long-tail. This concept is at the center of the phenomenal growth behind giants like Google and Amazon. These businesses (and their business models) all leverage the power of long-tail distribution. Everything from Google searches, to Amazon product listings, to their customer acquisition — all of it is driven by long-tail conversions.

These companies do it better than anyone else and they reap giant rewards.

This reveals a simple truth:
The vast majority of conversions in any business don’t happen immediately. They happen later — in the long-tail. And for most businesses, 85% of the sales they could collect occur 30-90 days after a lead is generated (as you can see in the videos on this page).

That means the sales distribution graph looks like this:

85% of the sales happen in the long-tail, when leads are older than 90 days

Why most marketing strategies fail long-term

Most marketing and sales strategies focus entirely on the short-head. The goal is to maximize sales from new leads. This typically has people resorting to high-pressure sales tactics (FOMO, manufactured scarcity etc) and manipulation to convert the maximum number of new people immediately.

For my clients, this feels disgusting and incongruent with who they are. They want to build relationships with their audience and customers, but they resorted to these tactics in the past because they felt like they had no other option.

The most horrifying part? Most education businesses have no effective strategy for capturing the long-tail conversions in their business — meaning they’re missing 85% of the sales they could be getting. All without even realizing it. This leaves them totally exposed to the mercy of the short-head conversions that happen to flow their way each month.

Most businesses don’t realize they’re missing 85% of their sales because they don’t have a long-tail conversion system

Why converting the long-tail require a different strategy

There are many different types of buyers in the world. But they tend to fall into two different categories. The first type is people who purchase early and fast. Often during a launch or immediately from a cold advertising funnel. They’re “quickfire” and easy to win over. They’re also the minority of buyers.

The other category (the majority) is far more skeptical. They aren’t quick to purchase. They need to be won over, and communicated with differently. They need to believe — deep down — that your option is right for them. And sometimes that takes time.

The good news? These “long-tail” customers are far more numerous. And they’re far better customers once you win them over. So if your business can convert them, it can flip the script entirely.

The goal of this page is to explain how you can do exactly that.


Long-tail Conversions are the main driver for growth in most businesses. Most businesses have no long-tail conversion system to convert and collect the long-tail conversions that exist in their pre-existing ecosystem.

BOTTOM LINE: If you’re looking for the easiest and simplest path to growth, develop an effective long-tail conversion strategy.

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Read this before proceeding

Before you go any further, let’s talk about what’s required to make a long-tail conversion system — like Open Every Day — work for you business.

To start: this isn’t a magical system that will solve all of your marketing problems.

It works incredibly well for the right people, but it requires a few things to function:

  1. An email list or Facebook group of at least 400-500 people. Without an audience this system won’t work.
  2. An offer that people want. It doesn’t have to be a world-beater, but if you haven’t validated by having customers give you money for the thing, best to focus on that part first.
  3. A product at a significant price point. That means charging at least $500 and above to each customer — or you’re willing to experiment with charging that price (or more). If all you have to sell is a $17 ebook, and that’s all you want to sell, this isn’t the program for you.
  4. Results from students and customers. If you’re not offering something that works, where you can show the outcomes you produce for people, you’re better off working on that part first.

Lastly — and this is extremely important — if you’re looking to build a system that is 100% automated and “hands-off”, where no one in your company has to do any promotion or marketing, this system isn’t for you.

In my experience, that outcome is a marketing pipe dream that doesn’t (and won’t) exist for 99% of businesses. If you’re hoping that Open Every Day is “the secret to automatic sales that I’ve been searching for”, best to save both of us the headache now and do not join.

Open Every Day is a simple system that’s designed to bring a steady stream of new customers and students to your door, without having to resort to endless launches. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have to do any marketing at all. Consistent sales require that you consistently show up and build a relationship with your audience.

If that’s what you want to do, but you’re looking for a way to do that in a sustainable and fun way — you’re in the right place.

If you meet the requirements for success — read on.

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How it works

Open Every Day is a simple system designed to attract more students into your world using fundamental marketing principles. Some of the strategies you’ll have never seen before. Others are as old as the hills.

The “magic” is in how they all come together in one system.

The system is based on The Conversion Engineering Model™. — a heuristic model we’ve developed here at Conversion Engineering to tackle marketing problems.

The Conversion Engineering Model explains that every marketing problem has 3 components that need to be addressed.

These are:

  1. Offer – what we’re proposing as an exchange.
  2. Conversion – how we go about getting the person to say yes.
  3. Traffic – the people we’re communicating with.

To tackle the specific issue of making your business Open Every Day, there are three big problems we have to solve for you.

I break these problems down for you in the following video:

Immediate results vs Long-term strategy

The Open Every Day system is designed to score big wins for your business by looking at the levers for growth that occur in most businesses over the 3, 6, and 12 months.

Still, for most businesses, there are immediate revenue windfalls that can be captured by collecting existing long-tail conversions.

I’m confident it’s the same for your business. This system has a few “tricks” up its sleeve to help you score those immediate wins from your existing list.

So, if you have an email list and an offer, we’ll get to work immediately implementing those strategies immediately to unlock that hidden opportunity in your list.

Most clients who implement these items see results within the first 7-14 days. Check out the case studies and client results section of this page to see some examples.

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When you’re trying to transition away from the launch model by making your business Open Every Day, there are typically a handful of common problems you’re likely looking to solve.

I’ve laid out these problems here in this section. Select whichever use breakdown is most relevant to you.

  1. How To Sell More Without Launching
  2. Why Evergreen Funnels Don’t Work
  3. Why Paid Traiffc Hasn’t Worked For Some People


In this video you’ll learn:

  • Why some markets hate launches and don’t respond to them.
  • A simple strategy to convert more people with less pressure.
  • The 3 big mistakes people make when it comes to “launching” that cost them tons of sales over the long-term.

You’ll find this breakdown particularly useful if you find the consistent launch model incongruent with your personality, your persuasion style, or your market.


Burned out after 5 launch webinars with little results. Now converting more students with less effort.


  • Name: Rob Da Costa
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Market: Marketing Agency Owners
  • Problem: Launches weren’t working and causing burnout, left him feeling “war weary”
  • Success: Doubled sales without “launching”, 50% list growth, and best year of revenue.

See more results like this »

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In this video you’ll learn:

  • Why most “evergreen” funnels are a flawed concept that are doomed to fail.
  • The 3 big mistakes people make when trying to sell to new leads.
  • The easiest way to get 1 new student/client a day.

You’ll find this breakdown particularly useful if you’ve tried to build an evergreen funnel that didn’t work, even though you felt like you’d created the ‘perfect automated marketing machine’.


60+ new members each month


  • Name: Deb Engelmajer
  • Location: Australia
  • Company:
  • Market: Handmade & Craft Product Sellers
  • Problem: Automated marketing and evergreen funnels hadn’t worked, didn’t want to resort to scarcity-based launches to get sales
  • Success: 60+ new members each month without having to run ads or run scarcity-based evergreen funnels

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In this video you’ll learn:

  • The #1 mistake people make when they try to make paid traffic work
  • How some of my clients see anywhere from 4-14X in their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) without using tacky “upsell funnels”
  • The simplest way to get paid traffic to work in your business

You’ll find this breakdown particularly useful if you’ve tried to make paid advertising to work in your business before but failed, making you feel like you wasted a ton of money.


4x Return on Ad Spend — could never make Facebook Ads work before


  • Name: Ron McKie
  • Location: USA
  • Company:
  • Market: High-school football coaches
  • Problem: Could never make Facebook Ads work before
  • Success: 4X Return on Ad Spend within 45 days, with hundreds of new customers

See more results like this »

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Deploy our conversion experts to review & improve your funnel

If you’ve got a validated education product or coaching program (sold at least $15,000), you might be a few funnel optimizations away from consistently enrolling new students into your program.


  1. Click the button below and complete the form, including your mobile/cell phone number.
  2. I will reach out via text (no phone call) to collect some essential details about your funnel (offer description, landing page/opt-in page URL, etc).
  3. We deploy a trained, undercover, digital Mystery Shopper to discretely review your funnel to find hidden conversion opportunities you’re missing.
  4. We package our findings and present our suggested improvements to you.


  1. Know exactly what’s working and what’s not working/broken with your current funnel.
  2. Identify the #1 biggest conversion bottleneck stopping students from converting.
  3. Get a simple, 3-step action plan, highlighting a few simple tweaks to your funnel to immediately improve performance.
  4. Start to see much better conversion numbers and ROI — in as little as 7-days.

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The Open Every Day System is based on 5+ years of design and refinement. It’s all meant to deliver one outcome: delivering a steady stream of new students into your courses and programs.

It’s already working at multiple levels of business, with people using it to:

  • Enroll their first 5-10 students a month.
  • Consistently generate $50,000 months.
  • Generate multi-million dollar annual revenues into their business.

The system was designed in a “results only” environment, where I worked with a handful of private clients. I took no money up-front and my only compensation was when the system delivered results. If it didn’t work, I wouldn’t eat — and neither would my team.

That forced me to design a system that delivered results with an engineering-grade level of certainty.

Because of that certainty, I now offer a Conversion Assurance Guarantee to new students and clients coming into the Open Every Day program.

Conversion Assurance Guarantee

The details of this guarantee are simple. Before we get to them, I want to be clear: this is not an unconditional guarantee. It’s not intended to be a “try it and see” encouragement device. If you’re looking for a safety net while you try out an exciting new product or system — risk-free and just for kicks — this guarantee isn’t for you.

I’m only looking to work with intentional and committed action takers who are interested in getting results. So, if you have a track record of joining programs and doing nothing with them — DO NOT JOIN.

This guarantee is structured to help the right people get results. The criteria aren’t meant to create an insurmountable “gotcha!” loophole. I’ve no interest in keeping your money by tricking you with hidden terms and conditions.

Instead, I’m sharing the simple, baseline level of action you need to take inside the program to see success. This is what’s required on your end of our collaboration to work. And the criteria are meant to assure you that if you take some specific actions, then the system will work as advertised, and you’ll see the results you’re looking for.

If you don’t take these actions, I can’t help you.

If you don’t have the criteria in place, you’ll likely still see results, but I can’t guarantee anything. So be sure to read the success criteria before making a decision to join.

The specific details:

IF you’re an education entrepreneur with an email list of at least 500 people and a market-validated offer that you charge at least $500 for (or you’re willing to charge at least $500 for) —

AND IF you:

  1. Post your introduction into the group
  2. Show up to 2 calls to work with me on your Open Every Day strategy
  3. Set up The Conversion System “Express”, as I outline in the first part of the program
  4. Then complete an enrolment campaign, after getting feedback from me.

THEN you will capture long-tail conversions in your business.

OR ELSE I will buy the program back from you — in addition to giving you $500 out of my own pocket.

Simple. Straightforward.

I can’t promise any specific revenue amount because there are too many variables. What I can tell you is that most people who meet these criteria and take these actions consistently generate over $10,000 during this time. Clients with larger lists and more expensive products earn a whole lot more (see below for specific examples).

If you meet the criteria outlined above, you qualify for The Conversion Assurance Guarantee, and you can join the program by clicking the button below.

Ready to improve your conversions?

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5-6 students per month @ £9,500 each


  • Name: Jackie Tomes
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Company:
  • Market: Rental Property Investors
  • Problem: Invested tons of effort into building elaborate “evergreen” funnels, with little success
  • Success: Consistently enrolling 5-6 clients a month into a premium £9,500, with the sales process managed by her team.
55% growth in one year — consistently breaking revenue records
Finally doing $15,000 per month — feels like a real business


  • Name: Sarah Cottrell
  • Location: NY, USA
  • Company:
  • Market: Lawyers looking to change profession
  • Problem: Launched her program and didn’t have an effective plan for “what’s next”
  • Success: Increases prices, and consistently hitting $10-15k per month in revenue
$12,941 from first enrollment
$115,000 during first conversational enrollment. “Best thing we’ve tried.”


  • Name: Kim Jacobson (Mike Shreeve)
  • Location: United States
  • Company:
  • Market: Freedom & flexibility focussed freelancers and experts
  • Problem: Didn’t have an effective way to nurture and sell existing leads at the same time
  • Success: 23 students @ $5,000 ($115,000) with a single Open Every Day campaign.
From $13,000/mo to $202,000/mo – “The emails work really well.”
Alex @
167 students. $21k in revenue.
60+ new members each month without scarcity-based evergreen funnels


  • Name: Deb Engelmajer
  • Location: Australia
  • Company:
  • Market: Handmade & Craft Product Sellers
  • Problem: Automated marketing and evergreen funnels hadn’t worked, didn’t want to resort to scarcity-based launches to get sales
  • Success: 60+ new members each month without having to run ads or run scarcity-based evergreen funnels
Filled program with a single email
6-7X results after completing a single exercise


  • Name: David Denholm
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Market: Financial Trading/Investors
  • Problem: Low up-take rate on offers, not consistently hitting rev targets
  • Success: Modified offer to match market desires, increased revenues from enrollment by 6-7X
Enrolling students while on vacation
Biggest enrollment ever — “felt like an organic conversation”


  • Name: Maria Granovsky
  • Location: USA
  • Company:
  • Market: Medical Professionals looking to change career
  • Problem: Market wasn’t responding to launch based offers
  • Success: Generated biggest enrollment to date (over $12,000) from a conversational enrollment with way less effort.
Sold 50% of previous launch total after just 1 week — much more time, passion & energy

Now converting 10% of email conversations – 3 members in a couple of days


  • Name: Wardee Harmon
  • Location: USA
  • Company:
  • Market: Christian Mothers
  • Problem: Tried tons of marketing programs, never found a way to sell in a way that felt right with her values.
  • Success: Consistently enrolling new members and converting 10% of conversations with email leads.
Sold 80% of students into program without launching— “They’re incredible. Everyone person in my program is awesome and the right fit.”
  • Name: Linda Perry
  • Location: CO, USA
  • Company:
  • Market: Service Providers
  • Problem: Launches weren’t working and causing burnout
  • Success: Created a new offer that her customers love, enrolled 80% of students without using the launch strategy
Increased average client value to $5,964


  • Name: Abbey Woodcock
  • Location: NY, USA
  • Company:
  • Market: Creative Freelancers
  • Problem: Couldn’t find a way to consistently enroll people into membership site. Also suffering from a low stick rate.
  • Success: Modified offer to match market, raised prices dramatically.
12 new students into program in less than 1 month


  • Name: Lydia Lee
  • Location: Bali, Indonesia
  • Company:
  • Market: Corporate Escapees turned start-up owners
  • Problem: Launches weren’t working and causing burnout
  • Success: Enrolled 12 new students using enrollment campaign while taking 2 vacations
10 clients within 2 weeks
4x Return on Ad Spend using Open Every Day — could never make Facebook Ads work before


  • Name: Ron McKie
  • Location: USA
  • Company:
  • Market: High-school football coaches
  • Problem: Could never make Facebook Ads work before
  • Success: 4X Return on Ad Spend within 45 days, with hundreds of new customers
Expected £10-15k — landed at £79,282
$9,000 during first enrollment – “Effortless”


  • Name: Tracy Friedlander
  • Location: Mexico
  • Company: Crushing Classical
  • Market: Musicians and musical professionals
  • Key Problem: Launched her program, exhausted from the effort, looking for a better way
  • Big win: Modified her offer, raised prices, and enrolled $9,000 worth of students while everything “felt effortless”

I can help people when they’re ready and succeed while doing it”

Wardee Harmon
23 students with first enrollment
Doubled sales and conversions


  • Name: Bryan Rider
  • Location: USA
  • Company:
  • Market: Sales coaching for $1+ mil business owners
  • Problem: Messaging wasn’t landing
  • Success: Improved USP and offer, doubled sales and conversions
£36,000 sold with first enrollment — actually ENJOYING making sales

$26,000+ in monthly recurring revenue


  • Name: Chris Orzechoweski
  • Location: NJ, USA
  • Company:
  • Market: Ecommerce Email Marketers
  • Problem: Exhausted from launching constantly as part of Jeff Walker’s team, wanted a different way to run his own business
  • Success: Created a new offer, consistently running enrollment events, up to $26,000 in recurring revenue.

Ready to improve your conversions?

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