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(Video of the interview is below.) Today, I’ve got a special surprise for you...An interview with one of the top "launch copywriters" about how she's changing the way she sells in HER business.This conversation has its roots in an off-the-cuff trip to Medellin, Colombia.See, earlier this year, I got to spend 2 months hanging out in Pablo Escobar’s hometown. [...]

Recently I explained the fascinating way Netflix defines their "markets". And it seems the idea of defining a market as a collection of people sharing the same problem resonated with people. This pleases me. I love it when folks jump on board the Conversion Engineering bandwagon! Anyways, what I noticed is that a few folks [...]

What business doesn’t want an “unfair advantage”? The high-ground where you can stake your flag. The sweet spot your customers flock to, where the competition can’t go. When folks stumble on this perceived “high-ground”, the first thing they want to do is build a fence around it. Next they move to carve out a moat [...]

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