Can I penetrate your castle?

What business doesn’t want an “unfair advantage”?

The high-ground where you can stake your flag. The sweet spot your customers flock to, where the competition can’t go.

When folks stumble on this perceived “high-ground”, the first thing they want to do is build a fence around it. Next they move to carve out a moat so wide, no-one can cross it. Finally, they build their siege resistant castle — with walls 5ft thick.

They go to all this effort because they want to create what people call their “defensible marketing position”.

And it’s a lot of work!

The mistake people make is going to all that effort, without realizing their castle has a secret underground tunnel.

This is what happens when you build your castle around claims that are easy to replicate.

For each of your claims, you need to think — is this REALLY exclusive to me?

(You’d be surprised how many entrepreneur’s aren’t objective about the exclusivity of their offer.)

If it is exclusive — how hard does the competition need to work to penetrate your castle?

Do they have to cross your moat and batter down your 5-ft thick siege walls?

Or can a small crew of bandit raiders sneak in through the secret tunnel you didn’t even know existed?

In my Microbook — The Ultimate Reason Why Customers Choose You — I outline the process for identifying the claims that make your offer unique.

As part of the process, you need to rank each of your “Claims of Value” for Appeal and Exclusivity, on a scale of 1-5.

When ranking your claims for Exclusivity, you can only rank it as a 5 if only you can offer it now — or into the future.

Here’s the catch: in business, real exclusivity only comes in two forms.

As part of my process, I show my clients how to apply those two forms to their business.

To see how they apply to your business — check out my free Microbook:

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