Copywriters in Colombia Getting Conversions

(Video of the interview is below.)

Today, I’ve got a special surprise for you…

An interview with one of the top “launch copywriters” about how she’s changing the way she sells in HER business.

This conversation has its roots in an off-the-cuff trip to Medellin, Colombia.

See, earlier this year, I got to spend 2 months hanging out in Pablo Escobar’s hometown. While dodging countless locals trying to sling cocaine at me from all angles, I also got to hang with Abbey Woodcock.

If you don’t know Abbey, she’s written for some of the most recognized names in the Internet Marketing world.

Some of her star clients include Ramit Sethi, Jeff Walker, and Ryan Levesque.

Branching out beyond the Internet Marketing world, she’s even written launch copy for Frank Oz (of Muppets and Star Wars fame.)

(Not many copywriters can chalk those names down on their resume!)

Now, Abbey’s expertise is pretty wide-ranging, but she’s carved out a reputation for being one of the go-to “launch copywriters” out there. Not only are her salesmanship and copywriting skills top-notch, but she and her partner, KC, are project management whizzes. 

Meaning they’re able to bring a sense of order and calm to the burning, perpetual state of chaos that is a launch campaign. Needless to say…she’s not short on clients or experience, and she’s very familiar with the launch model.

Anyhoo, as I mentioned, both Abbey and KC came to hang out in Medellin earlier this year.

And that’s when things got interesting…

At the time, Abbey was running a promotion for HER OWN offer. 

Now, considering her skillset, you would expect Abbey to default to a “launch style” promotion, complete with a big, urgency deadline. I mean, that’s what she’s paid the big bucks for!


That’s when a twist emerged in this story…
Abbey had heard whispers of a new method of selling…a method that wasn’t as stressful and intensive as a launch. And she felt like giving it a whirl.

The results were…shocking!

(I can still remember Abbey exclaiming, “Holy s*&t!!” in the apartment when the first numbers started to come in.)

After the ticker tape for the whole campaign rolled in, we both agreed that we needed to get on a call to discuss her experience with being “open every day.”

Check out our conversation here:

Check out Abbey’s company, Business of Copy.

DISCLOSURE: I’m a happy customer of Business of Copy. I’ve earned a lot of money with their product. So, I’m particularly biased.

That link above is NOT an affiliate link. Just a resounding recommendation from me to anyone who is a working, professional copywriter.

However, if you’re just starting out, best to bookmark it and come back when you have some regular client flow.

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