“The marketer with the mouth…”

So, I watched the latest Marvel movie: Deadpool.

For those of you who don’t know Deadpool, he’s Marvel’s greatest (and funniest) anti-hero. 

He’s known as “The Merc with a mouth”.

And it’s his mouth (in part) that’s responsible for his first movie breaking all sorts of box office records in the past week.

(Just when everyone thought we were getting sick of those Marvel comic book movies, eh?)

Let me explain…

Well, Hollywood deez dayz makes sure comic book movies are PG rated, so you can bring the kids along.

Gotta chase dat family dollar, right?

Deadpool though, is anything BUT suitable for kids.

In fact, the marketing campaign for the movie went out of it’s way to CLEARLY message, 

“This isn’t your standard hero movie – DO NOT BRING YOUR KIDS!

We’re talking swearing, in-appropriate sexual & social references, nudity, sex, blood, guts, and all sorts of hilariously offensive one-liners you DO NOT want your kids repeating anywhere in public…

… you know — all the good stuff you actually want to see in a movie.

Let’s map out the Value Prop question and USP statement quickly…

“If I’m a cinema go-er who wants to see a movie, why should I go and see Deadpool, rather than any other movie that’s out these days?”  

“… because Deadpool is the first Marvel movie that’s not for kids. Like, seriously – don’t bring them.

This creates a phenomenal USP for the movie because it creates massive expectation.

There’s a bunch of other geeky sub-USPs for comic book nerds — which I won’t go into. But all you need to recognize is that for the mass market of Marvel movie goers, this USP hits that sweet spot of Appeal and Exclusivity.

As long as the product delivers an entertaining experience for folks lashing out the cash, then it has that magic combination of: 

  1. A USP people want
  2. A USP being delivered in force

When these two start bubbling up together in the mixing pot of the market, that’s when rave reviews start flying around and word-of-mouth starts moving feet.

Now, exactly how long Deadpool’s Appeal and Exclusivity last, is another question…

My guess though, is that when you’re breaking box office records today, it’s a question you can afford to answer tomorrow.

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