The Netflix guide to world domination

Netflix is about to take over the world…

Or at least my world, starting next Friday night.

The new season of House of Cards will be released on my productivity… like Mr. Burns’s releasing the hounds on the Springfield riff’raff. The one and only Kevin Spacey will be leading the lineup for the series that’s been a smashing success for company.

Numbers are hard to pin down, but from what I’ve gathered, it’s bagging Netflix an extra $200-400 million a year.

That’s incredible when you consider Netflix has only been producing original shows since 2013.

And it’s a looooong way from when Netflix first appeared.

Netflix has always been a sharp and savvy company.

Remember when had to sign up online, check off the movies you wanted to see, and then wait for them to show up in your mail?

“You mean… you’re gonna send me DVD rentals in the mail…?

… and I can hold onto them as long as I’d like… ?

… and you’re not gonna charge me late fees?!!”


MIND = BLOWN. Innovation — how daft it makes our older ways look, eh?

But Netflix has always been a sharp and savvy company.

They know what’s up.

They’ve consistently stayed one step ahead of the game, because they see where the ball is going.

How exactly do they do it, though?

Well, in short — they’re quick to “pivot” and they have absolute clarity into:

  1. Who their ideal customer is
  2. What their ideal customer wants

Their core USP has always remained the same:

Deliver couch potatoes the best selection of TV shows and movies possible, in the most convenient way possible.

Even though the company has changed dramatically, the USP has stayed the same.

It’s the specifics that’ve evolved.

And they recently evolved to a whole new level.

Let’s take a quick journey along the company’s main 3 stages of progression…

When you think back to it’s first mail-delivery form, convenience and novelty played a factor in their USP.

You could queue up a series of movies you knew you wanted to watch. And then they’d be drip fed to you without having to disrupt your regular schedule. Plus, it was a sweet surprise in the mail when your latest movie arrived.

You got to cut out the usual, “Ho, hum, — what will I rent this week from the local video store after I take 30-45 minutes out of my day to see what they have?”

They spotted the pain, and delivered a gain.

But their next iteration was the game-changer.

The low-cost, one-stop-shop streaming service.

Same USP, different delivery.

The magic was in ratio between “choices available” vs “monthly cost”. This was the main reason people chose them. While all the good/best shows weren’t available, you got the best choice out of anywhere else at an unbeatable price.

But now…

Now Netflix is moving towards world domination. Because Netflix is creating it’s own premium shows.

The USP is no longer just about convenience… or vast selection.

Now they’re amplifying the power of their USP by ratcheting up the Exclusivity.

You can’t get the latest season of House of Cards anywhere else. Or Narcos. Or Making a Murderer.

And that’s just talking about their big hitters…

Netflix now has 100+ unique titles. With another 88 planned over the next year.

Pretty soon people will only be buying Netflix because it’ll be the only place to watch the shows they want to watch.

If you want to channel the same success Netflix has achieved, follow their lead.

Tap into the core desire of your target market. Then evolve the specifics of your USP to deliver it in fresh ways, so you can stay one step ahead of the competition.

If you’d like to get more folks exclusively tuning into your USP, check out my simple guide below. It’s a 5-minute read and will show you how companies are getting on the fast track to success right now…

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